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Start your own adventure with Cryptocurrencies and become an owner of the powerful mining contract!

Our offer

As mining products are complicated to assemblate, to configure and needs high technical skills, we chose to provide innovating products dedicated at professionnals (B2B) and privates (B2C). Anyone can buy our products, regardless of their level of knowledge in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Cloud Mining


Mining Rigs



Why choose us

Sesterce Cloud Mining aims to provide all the mining products at the most competitive price for people of all skill levels.

Our team is dedicated to offer our customers the best support all throughout your experience with us while maintaining a high quality and low price for our products.

The best support

Sesterce Cloud Mining is a part of Sesterce, which is established in Marseille, France. Our dedicated support team is available and at your disposal to assist you and answer any question you may have. Our teams ultimate goal is to fulfil are your requirements and answer to all your needs

An easy mining

Sesterce Cloud Mining aims to provide its clients to benefit from our mining activity without having to go through the hassle of setting up their own mining hardware. Our team takes care of the maintenance of hardwares and technical issues that may arise.

The best prices

Our teams are on a perpetual hunt for the best prices in order to offer you the best deals at the most competitive prices on the market. We aim to make our mining community accessible to anyone while preserving the quality of our services

You can mine many cryptocurrencies

Sesterce Cloud Mining doesn’t focus on one cryptocurrency. Every day we provide you various popular cryptocurrencies to mine, or into cloud mining contracts

For Beginners and Experimenters

Our offer is dedicated for people who wish to start mining and for those who are already experienced crypto-heads, which is why we provide both cloud mining contracts as well as hardware for highly skilled people who simply need mining material.


We have created a new offer : partners that involve in Sesterce Cloud Mining will receive profits and commission for their commitment. We are very thankful for partners who help the Sesterce Cloud Mining growth and so cryptocurrencies development in the world.

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