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Start your own adventure with Cryptocurrencies and become an owner of the powerful mining contract!

Our offer

As mining products are complicated to assemblate, to configure and needs high technical skills, we chose to provide innovating products dedicated at professionally (B2B) and privately (B2C). Anyone can buy our products, with or without cryptocurrencies and blockchain high knowledge and use them for their individual needs.

Cloud Mining


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Why choose us

Sesterce Cloud Mining is a company that aims at providing all the mining products for anyone, regardless of their knowledge and involvement in cryptocurrencies.

Our team promises the best support in your buying to meet all your requirements while offering the best products in terms of quality and prices.

The best support

Sesterce Cloud Mining is a real company based in France. We are constantly available to any question about our services and products. Our goal is to reach all your requirements and needs.

An easy mining

Sesterce Cloud Mining aims at provide to our clients services without the need of having high knowledge in cryptocurrencies. Our team is in charge of all the technical issues, so that you can just enjoy the mining, while making profits.

The best prices

Sesterce Cloud Mining is constantly searching the more competitive prices refered to its products, in order to be affordable to anyone who want to be part of the mining community, while preservating a high quality.

You can mine many cryptocurrencies

Sesterce Cloud Mining doesn’t focus on one cryptocurrency. Every day we provide you various popular cryptocurrencies to mine, or into cloud mining contracts

For Beginners and Experimenters

Our offer is dedicated both to people who want to stard mining and who don’t have the skill to do it alone. That’s why we provide you some Cloud Mining Contracts for example. BUT our offer is also dedicated to high skilled people who just need materials (hardware) and who are used to mine cryptocurrencies.


We have created a new offer : partners that involve in Sesterce Cloud Mining will receive profits and commission for their commitment. We are very thankful for partners who help the Sesterce Cloud Mining growth and so cryptocurrencies development in the world.

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