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Answers to recurrent questions :

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What are the minimum withdrawal conditions?

For the withdrawal you can ask it when you want, after that they are executed automatically in the 24H. The minimum withdrawal amounts are as follows:
BTC 0.01
ETH 0.292
ZEC 0.73
ETN 650
XMR 0.77
DASH 0.44
LTC 0.67
BCH 0.25
SC 15000.

Also for security and set-up purposes, we do not allow withdrawals during the 48 hours after the purchase of a contract, during the 14 days after the change of a wallet address and 3 days after the last withdrawal.

What Sesterce is

Sesterce is a branch of the french company created in 2018. Up to now we are located in Marseille. Our first goal is to provide the best mining products such as hosting, rigs, cloud mining and hardware, and meet all the requirements of our clients. Sesterce offers the best support in your purchase. Finally, our mission is to provide the best quality and the best prices to our costumers.

What Bitcoin is 

Bitcoin is the first digital payment system (cryptocurrency) created in 2009. It is the first decentralized digital currency, that is to say without a central control, without intermediary.

Where is your mining company located 

We are located in Marseille, in France.

When does mining contracts start ?

The Cloud Mining Contract starts 48 hours after payment. Other contracts start 5 days after payment.

How can I contact us if I need help ?

You can join us at [email protected] or via social networks.

Can I have an affiliate programm ?

Affiliate programm

What are your maintenance fees ?

The maintenance fee covers all costs related to :
- electricity cost
- cooling systems
- maintenance work
- hosting services

What if I loose my password ?

To restore your password, click on the Account and Forgot Password : you will receive an e-mail with further steps to restore the password.

What is my expected return on investment ?

Approximate time is 3-8 months (it depends on type of product). Everything depends on three factors : network complexity, power output of the device and the price of this power (for Mining Rigs), and the market price of the mined tokens.

Do you think cryptocurrency mining is profitable ?

Our team believe in the futur of cryptocurrencies and in the profitability of mining.

Is there a purchase limit ?

No, your purchase is unlimited.

What coins do you mine ?

We mine a lot of cryptocurrencies. Please refer to our page

Can I mine various cryptocurrencies at the same time ?

Yes, you can choose what you want to mine.

What do you propose ?

We propose 4 types of products and services : mining Rigs, hosting, Cloud Mining and hardware.

How can I pay ?

We accept cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and others).

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